Today, people are pathetic and need to be forced into rationality. Then we will ascend literally.

Have you ever noticed how fucking pathetic people are? They are literally beings of lower intelligence. They are more importantly, unable to control their emotions, and they let their anger and sadness and envy and greed, etc.. out on others. They do this on a daily basis. They seek not to build a kingdom of God, but they seek for glory for themselves.

Well, then in our opinions, they need to be forced to be natural, and good, and what is real and right. And no, do not say that the scientists know a thing or two. Those scientists, have all fallen. Thus far, such as those religious nuts, and those apathetic, those farmers, those warriors, those youtube stars. They have all been unable to match madness. Madness, as demonstrated by a martial art, and a secret society lead by a man who does not care to say who he is, but he will anyways, it is me. The guy writing this.

And that madness, is infinity. Infinity is logic itself undone. It is unbeatable in debate. It is literally unbeatable. Because it is a place we believe is the abyss manifested in physical realm. We believe that we can harnass madness, weaponize it, wage war with it in legal form, as citizens, as warriors, as all others who have built kingdoms without equals, but yet still all same same. We are the army of the damned.

And we are right, we are... our highest law of the land is... Survival of the Fittest is the law. When you think about it long enough, you will understand why we will be heaven.

We have established two main divisions.

One is known as 'Fireant' (and other names) which is our militarized, but 'peaceful' arm which protects and yet mostly, goes and converts by forceful discussion, debate, and just fuck it- do it. What it is you plan to do, just do it. And convert them.

The other division, is an educational arm, which enlightens us, because well, we could always get to higher power levels, because power is what we need to survive the madness that the world is and that we bring to both. And we will thrive. But- education has broad scope, it may be "look! this man is a sinner!! we will expose him" or "look! this logic is broken!! here is the answer" or "here are some cool martial arts moves".

Such is infinity. Where you are truely free without restraint to the thought police, we are farenheit frozen, but not evaporated or fuck it- I'm not a fucking scientist. Let those bitches do their job. Make them, if need be.

And more arms are coming. Such is the way of infinity. To which any other name will suit it just fine. Except stupidity. Which is now, a sin by the words of the first law in kind-no? More like- such and such of derived inherits of the first, therefore, the second is true and never more never false if such is law and law- YOU SEE. INFINITY. Bitches.

Hahahahahahaha... Excellent.... the plans... and going splendidly...